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What is TikTok?


Today we will share with You all about the social network, which is insanely popular among young people and not only.

In fact, it is the quintessence of Vine, Instagram Stories, Snapchat and other services focused on the short movies format posting and sharing.

Talking about the TikTok there is a possibility to post small vertical movies with about 15 seconds length and as other users’ reaction get millions of views.

These are mostly music videos, comedy sketches, dancing, reactions to trends, and other activities.

Lot of people consider this social network as one more entertainment for teenagers, where they just make faces at the camera and conduct various flash mobs.

This is partly true, but with the growth of the platform's audience, celebrities and advertisers have become interested in it, and well-known bloggers now regard TikTok as an active and perspective distribution channel.

Who uses TikTok?

Initially, this brilliant application was created by China developers and at the very beginning was a service for just editing and publishing short moves to which you could add some music.

The social network gained popularity outside of China after the takeover of a similar application -, and as a logical continuation received a large users base that became audience for the new one app.

TikTok has taken a niche of services for publishing mini-videos, capturing the audience of the closed Vine and selecting a share of Instagram Stories.

Social media provides rich tools for editing that other apps don’t have.

And now TikTok took the first place from the popularity point of view surpassing such monsters like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram.

The main audience, as we have already said, is teenagers, but business have also entered the media and is constantly exploring opportunities to promote its products and services there.

What is TikTok app?

In many ways, the platform is very similar to its counterparts, and if you have ever used Snapchat or Instagram Stories, then it will not be difficult to understand the functionality.

However, there are some differences and nuances.

Viewing the feed

To navigate inside the app, use the tabs located at the bottom of the screen. The main one is the feed.

Almost all the space in it is devoted to content: you can use the buttons at the top to switch between subscriptions and recommendations, and a number of icons on the right are used to interact with videos.

They are responsible for subscribing to the clips’ author, likes, comments, as well as to share links to other social networks, call the general menu with additional functions.

In addition to the author's description and hashtags, there is information about the track used in the video at the bottom of the screen.

Control in the feed is performed by swiping. Swipes up and down will switch You to another movie, and a right swipe opens the clip author's profile, where is displayed information about him and other content.

By clicking on the button with three dots, you can enable notifications about new user clips, share a link to them, write a private message, or complain or block them.

Content searching

On the Search tab, you can easily by using different hashtags find the person, music, or video you are interested in.

Plus, the curated content and currently popular tags are also displayed here.

QR code scanner is one more interesting TikTok trick. It gives the option to quickly subscribe to other social media participants.

You can also view your personal QR code and show it to another person.

Notifications and messages

The notifications tab contains all your activity. Notifications about new videos and live broadcasts, information about TikTok events and trends, as well as personal messages where you can correspond with other users of the social network.


The "Profile" section, like in Instagram, is used to display information about you.

In addition to the gallery, published and liked videos, there are statistics on followers and likes, a profile description and the ability to call the app settings.

Use the buttons on the top panel to add users from the list of contacts and friends in social networks, as well as open a personal QR code that other TikTok users can use to follow you.

Shooting a new video

The Central button on the toolbar is dedicated to the most important function — creating content.

As usual, there are two ways: shoot and publish a new video or select a ready-made video from the gallery. The editing options are slightly different.

Using the panel on the right, you can switch between smartphone cameras, adjust the video speed, use the butifier, filters, and activate the "hands-free" function and switch between the different movies formats (long and short).

At the bottom is a menu of stickers and masks, where a large number of different content in the spirit of Snapchat and Instagram Stories is available.

There are favorites, a tab of popular items, and a division into categories.

By clicking on the button at the top of the screen, you can attach music to the video.

In addition to the usual search, you can choose from curated selections, charts, playlists by genre, and personalized lists.

After adding a track, you can customize the music fragment using the note button on the side panel.

You can shoot videos while holding down the record button, so you can shoot short episodes and delete unsuccessful ones.

When the video is ready, clicking on the check mark opens the publishing menu.

Here you can add hashtags, descriptions, privacy settings, and export to other social networks.

Then you can save the video to drafts or publish it immediately, after which it will appear in the feed.

Publish videos from the gallery

To upload a finished video, select it from the gallery using the icon to the right of the record button.

Unlike Instagram Stories, any video is available here, and you can choose either one file or several.

Once selected, the edit menu opens, where you can rotate the video, crop it, or change the speed.

The next screen is used for adding music, filters, and stickers, as well as various special effects like slow motion, shake, zoom, and others.

In addition, you can loop the video or enable reverse playback.

Here you can also assign a frame for the cover.

As in the case with the publication of new videos, the last step is to select privacy settings, added a description, hashtags and assigned to other options.

Recording a duet

In addition to music-synced movies in where authors pretend to sing or voice popular clips, TikTok provides other formats.

One of them is duets.

As the name implies, they imply intra-users cooperation.

You have to take a video with the original sound, which takes up half of the frame, and the remaining part is given to the second participant.

After shooting, the video is merged and you can upload it to your feed. Some of these paired performances get as many views as the original clips.

To remove a “Duet” option, click the "Share" button on the video in the feed and select "Duet".

While recording, you can use effects, filters, stickers, and other features that are available in regular videos.

Recording a reaction

Another option for cooperation is the reaction to the other users’ movies. The popular format, which is often used by bloggers, is implemented very conveniently in TikTok.

In just a few seconds, you can record a reaction to a clip you like or dislike, and immediately publish it in your feed.

For such entries, you should also open the "Share" menu, and then select the "Reaction" button.

Your video is superimposed in the form of a small window on the original video.

You can move it to any part of the screen within the designated area.

What is the TikTok challenge?

In addition to novice creatives, TikTok has well-known bloggers, starts and other famous people who publish exclusive content on the social network.

And that’s why this social media attracts the business – due to millions of viewers You can easily promote there any kind of product and services.

For sure You have to get popular first, but after You will get Your first thousands of followers, You will get the real possibility to get money from advertising publishing.

Can You make money on TikTok?

For sure You can. In our age of internet technologies and digital promotion it doesn’t/t seem so difficult.

But to get Your first earnings You have to do a lot of hard work.

Your content should be interesting and attractive, moreover it should be brilliant.

We are ready to provide You help with Your first followers, but if You will not publish really interesting things, You will lose effect of our work.

You have to develop Your own niche and publishing strategy, and already after You will get 5-10 thousand of followers’ different societies will their own come to You and ask to advertise their products.

That’s how it works.

Can you get famous on TikTok?

Let’s define first what is Your meaning of the term “famous”.

Let’s suppose that it’s the 50 thousand followers figure.

As we already told, you have to find Your niche, develop the publication strategy, shoot and publish movies, attract followers and follow other users by subscribing them, following, liking and commenting their content.

It is possible, but it will take a huge time, weeks and months.

As You can see it is possible, but in the same time, it You are targeted at the manual work – it is really difficult.

The best way to get famous is to order our service and get thousands followers in a couple of months.

It is reasonable timing and you can be sure that your investment will be fully paid off.

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