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TikTok promotion is a specially selected packages of TikTok likes, views and other TikTok products that you can buy in one click!

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New 8 Best-Performing Packages for 2021 TikTok Promotion
$6.26 $7.51 SAVE $1.25
What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 100 Followers+ 100 Followers
  • 500 Views+ 500 Views
  • 100 Likes+ 100 Likes
  • 50 Shares+ 50 Shares
    Beginner The first beginner package is created for the complete novices, who want to reach the minimum, but sustainable number of followers and views. If you have created your account not so long ago and struggle with getting more views for your outstanding videos, you will benefit a lot from purchasing this package. TikTok grows every day and its algorithms boost those accounts that already have a good number of TikTok views, likes, shares and comments. How can a completely new account have them already? This is the paradoxical and unfair truth that we help to fight. The beginner package will provide your account with the decent TikTok exposure to shift your performance to the next level, so that you can start getting more organic views, too. Some new accounts never achieve any success in TikTok, that is why we highly recommend you to consider the opportunity to help your TikTok account grow.
    $18.62 $23.18 SAVE $4.56
    What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 300 Followers+ 300 Followers
  • 2500 Tiktok Views+ 2,500 Views
  • 300 Likes+ 300 Likes
  • 100 Shares+ 100 Shares
  • LITE
    Lite The second package is ideal for you, if you want to collect a small and easy-to-track number of followers and some reactions for your videos. This TikTok promotion package is a nice choice to try the paid promotion for the first time to see how quickly it shows its effectiveness. By gradually growing the TikTok exposure, this package will make you the more confident TikTok artist. This package is for you, if you want to reach the more serious presence in TikTok and start building your personal or company brand, because the amount of the reactions delivered to your account is calculated especially for making your account grow steadily and organically. With the use of the second degree TikTok boost package, you will observe how your account gains more and more loyal and retained followers. This already looks like a real business!
    $28.82 $37.18 SAVE $8.36
    What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 600 Followers+ 600 Followers
  • 5000 Views+ 5000 Views
  • 600 Likes+ 600 Likes
  • 200 Shares+ 200 Shares
    Medium The third package works best as the regular tool to build you a full-time working TikTok account. If you want your account to get a stable average number of TikTok likes, shares, views and other reactions, and see the real surge in activity, this third-degree package will deliver the optimal number of reactions needed to show you that your TikTok account grows. This package is optimal for those TikTok account owners, who want to treat their profile as a business and publish content without delay to keep the fans updated and satisfied. The third TikTok promotion package can help you overcome the never-ending average results and reach the peaks.
    $47.85 $63.89 SAVE $16.04
    What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 1,200 Followers+ 1,200 Followers
  • 10,000 Views+ 10,000 Views
  • 1,200 Likes+ 1,200 Likes
  • 300 Shares+ 300 Shares
    Lil Fame The fourth offer is the senior TikTok promotion package is aimed at helping to become a fresh celebrity and to preserve the results achieved. With this package you will go amazingly popular with one or more of your videos, and maintain this performance further to keep staying famous. This package is for you, if you are not afraid of the real TikTok fame! We choose the best proportion of the TikTok likes, shares, views and comments to help strong and popular accounts flourish. If you can imagine what being an influencer means, then you know how important it is to demonstrate a constant TikTok account growth to your loyal fanbase to stay authoritative and trusted. The senior TikTok promotion package calculates the number of TikTok followers, views, shares and comments needed to provide an organic growth of the account and make sure your account will not lose the ranking it has already got.
    $112.89 $155.83 SAVE $42.94
    What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 3,000 Followers+ 3,000 Followers
  • 30,000 Views+ 30,000 Views
  • 3,000 Likes+ 3,000 Likes
  • 300 Shares+ 300 Shares
    $193.64 $276.03 SAVE $82.39
    What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 5,000 Followers+ 5,000 Followers
  • 50,000 Views+ 50,000 Views
  • 5,000 Likes+ 5,000 Likes
  • 300 Shares+ 300 Shares
    Superstar And finally, the superstar TikTok promotion package has been developed for the artists dreaming of the TOP performance only. With the superstar TikTok boost package, the maximum number of the TikTok likes, followers, shares, comments and other reactions will be delivered to your profile. The original technologies have been developed to build a superstar strategy powerful enough to fit the TikTok algorithms. With this package you will achieve the maximum performance possible and see how your TikTok account grows remorselessly. So, get ready to become a superstar!
    $255.61 $375.90 SAVE $120.29
    What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 10,000 Followers+ 10,000 Followers
  • 100,000 Views+ 100,000 Views
  • 10,000 Likes+ 10,000 Likes
  • 600 Shares+ 600 Shares
    $828.98 $1,256.48 SAVE $427.50
    What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 30,000 Followers+ 30,000 Followers
  • 1,000,000 Views+ 1,000,000 Views
  • 20,000 Likes+ 20,000 Likes
  • 1,000 Shares+ 1,000 Shares
    $418.89 $653.80 SAVE $234.91
    What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 500,000 Views+ 500,000 Views
  • 10,000 Likes+ 10,000 Likes
  • 500 Shares+ 500 Shares
    $621.89 $998.69 SAVE $376.80
    What’s in? up/down
  • Top Ranking+ Top Ranking
  • 1,000,000 Views+ 1,000,000 Views
  • 20,000 Likes+ 20,000 Likes
  • 1,000 Shares+ 1,000 Shares

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    How Does TikTok Promotion Work?

    Easy – It Only Takes A Few Minutes!
    01 Choose your Promo Packages
    Choose the service you are focusing on and opt for the appropriate package. We developed lots of TikTok packages for you to select one that helps you reach your targets. Are you a TikTok newbie who desires to start trending on TikTok? Or, maybe, you are a TikTok pro, ambitious to top the Leaderboard. We have a package for both of you!
    02 Enter your Tiktok username
    You don’t need to enter your password or other confidential details of you and your TikTok account. This information is only for your private use – keep this always in your mind and avoid a scam service that requires it. Your username is the only information we need from you to customize your package.
    03 Instant delivery
    First of all, we care about the security of your account. The growth of the number of likes, fans and views on your Tiktok should be natural. So, don’t panic if you don’t receive it immediately after order. Sometimes it it may take up to 24 hours. We guarantee you will get your TikTok views, likes, and fans very soon!
    04 Enjoy your popular Tik Tok
    Sit back, relax, and enjoy the speed you increase your Tiktok popularity with!

    TikTok Promotion Features

    We never compromise on the pillars of our service
    24/7 Customer Support
    Our business model includes round-the-clock support our seasoned managers provide for each and every our customer.
    Boosting TikTok popularity
    With our service, you can easily reach the get to the top Trending or Popular tab in no time. Buying TikTok views, likes, and fans we provide, you ensure higher ranks for your posts and profile. As you start getting closer to the top, you will begin to attract more and more followers.
    Instant transaction
    You can count on us and our speedy delivery. You don’t have to wait more than a few minutes to complete the deal and gain TikTok fans and views.
    100% Success: Instant Tiktok promotion services
    At TikTokRush, we promise you will increase your fans and views almost immediately after using our service.
    Keep your data secured
    During your payment procedure, we encrypt all data of your credit card at the bank-grade. Thus, your data and your payment are as safe as houses.
    No-ban experience
    We act legibly and adeptly. Thus, we never caused any bans or locks for our customer’s account on TikTok. And we never will.
    Our Customers Reviews
    Check out what our customers are saying about us!
    Tiktokrush promotion services never fail. He always generates great views numbers, and this time I had significant followers growth. I'm excited to continue to work with him!
    Pleasure to work with. Delivered as promised, my video was boosted like I was hoping it would. If you need a proper promotion, this is the way to go. Thank you Tiktokrush
    This has to be my 10th time ordering from this site. This is the only gig that you will ever need for tiktok promotion!!
    Awesome! Did great

    TikTok is a relatively new platform on the market, which has gained huge popularity among viewers of all ages. The service boasts 800 million active users, showing a higher popularity growth than Facebook and Instagram. This is absolutely justified: the content in TikTok is simple and uncomplicated — it consists of short videos similar to Instagram Stories (maximum duration — 60 seconds).

    The audience accepts dance, humorous, and music videos best of all, but you can also try other subjects, for example, TV series, lifestyle blogs, pets, graffiti, and so on. Thus, users easily find like-minded people, no matter what they’re interested in! That’s why TikTok promotion is a profitable option for both an individual creative person, a brand, or a product.

    Can You Promote On TikTok Account?

    This dynamically developing social network for young people showed unprecedented growth in 2020-2021, so everyone who wants to find an audience needs to have a presence there.

    The account can be promoted using free and paid methods. For those who need to see the result immediately, paid services are a an option that brings faster results — you can buy TikTok promotion and your audience will instantly increase!

    Paid methods of TikTok promotion work perfectly at the initial stage — when there are almost no subscribers, which means there are no views or traffic. Cheating, mass campaigns, and advertising help to add activity to the profile, make it more popular, and attract new subscribers.

    However, the paid option isn’t the only effective method of TikTok promotion. Even without spending money, you can try to promote your account and find a large audience. To do this, netizens actively use hashtags, follow trends and shoot collaborative videos with more popular bloggers.

    Is It Worth to Promote My TikTok?

    The social network attracts users with its unique algorithm. Thanks to this a video can gain hundreds of thousands and millions of views in a matter of hours. Even if the account has very few subscribers so far. The nuances of the algorithm are unknown. But in any case, it’s very profitable to enter the site with a commercial offer right now, especially with competent promotion.

    With the help of TikTok marketing different brands, online stores, owners of services and applications, info-business, and dating sites are promoted. The presence on the site gives a lot of advantages:

    • access to a multi-million audience;
    • large organic reach;
    • no oversaturation of advertising;
    • moderate competition;
    • native advertising formats;
    • getting to your target audience is possible with minimal advertising spending;
    • functionality for e-commerce, which is under development (one of the expected functions is shopping tags).

    It’s worth noting that TikTok as a media platform is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses that work with retail customers. The users make the purchase decision themselves, and the video can motivate them to buy a specific product in a specific store.

    How to Get TikTok Promotion?

    Many Internet users still compare TikTok with Instagram or Snapchat Stories, because the content is also served in vertical and short formats, but the platform has become popular not only because of it. Its main distinction is the atmosphere of absolute creativity and freedom of expression, sincerity, and real emotions of the content authors. This is what had hooked the viewers — now everyone can become famous on TikTok without using special equipment or third-party video editors. It's enough just to have a good idea!

    To create a high-quality TikTok promo, follow the simple instructions below:

    1. Setting up and creating an account. To set up a profile, click on the "Change profile" button. Insert an avatar, come up with a nickname and a username. In the same section, you can add a short description and links to your Instagram and YouTube accounts to attract even more subscribers. To make a beautiful profile design in TikTok, it’s important to create an attractive description.
    2. Filling the profile with content. TikTok users are young people aged 13 and over. They post amateur videos, flash mobs, reactions, challenges, sketches, dances, mini-series, and much more. First of all, the content should be interesting to this specific circle of viewers. Don’t forget about the quality of the shooting. A fuzzy picture and background noises aren’t going to help you in TikTok video promotion.

    How often should I upload videos? Ideally, 1-2 times a day. When publishing, you can create a description for the video and add hashtags there. The video itself can be attenuated with effects, stickers, added text.

    How Much Does It Cost to Promote on TikTok?

    Investing in the organic promotion of your TikTok resource requires two components – equipment and time. If you do it yourself, you’ll only have to pay for the equipment. If you delegate a task to TikTok promotion services, you’ll need to calculate in the relevant payments.

    The minimum starting budget will be required for:

    1. Equipment. This includes a tripod and a ring light, as well as a smartphone to shoot product reviews.
    2. Staff. Usually, promotion services comprise several employees. The content manager who will write the scripts of the videos and do the reading is the key figure.
    3. Strategy. You need an adaptive content plan — TikTok promotes accounts that post something regularly (several times a week), especially if it's trending content. Trending content is content with popular audio, relevant hashtags, or one whose views have recently started to grow. It’s convenient to search for popular videos on the pages of the most famous bloggers.

    If you don't want to waste time and effort on creating content yourself, you can easily pay to promote TikTok videos on specialized video sharing platforms. Don’t overdo it! In order for the clip to get into the ‘recommended’ list, you need user activity, such as likes and comments.

    Benefits of Promotion on TikTok

    Currently, TikTok is a record holder among social networks in terms of live audience. It came about relatively recently and quickly overtook Instagram and Facebook in terms of the number of users. Often this instant success is attributed to high-quality app promotion, but it should be admitted that TikTok has a number of qualities that make its popularity justified:

    • rapid prevalence — content spreads instantly, which helps to quickly gain popularity;
    • a large amount of available music — a lot of free tracks allow you to create a wide variety of videos;
    • an attractive picture — it so happened that the content viewed and created on TikTok fascinates and attracts the eye, which ensures constant views;
    • built-in video editor —there’s a video editing department right in the application, which is very convenient.

    TikTok is a fast-growing honest and creative platform where the audience prefers to open up and shows themselves and their ideas as they are. The in-app promotion opportunities are still at an early formation stage, but even they are already enough for your brand to show itself off on TikTok!

    Before considering to buy TikTok Promotion or shares or views, you need to be sure

    Is buying TikTok promotion worth it? up/down

    If TikTok is the only platform where you plan to promote your brand, then it's unprofitable. However, this social network has gained great popularity, and now has all the necessary tools for decent promotion in the web world — the crucial point is to use them correctly.

    How do I promote my TikTok? up/down

    At the moment, TikTok is a decent platform where you can find your audience and present yourself and your brand. Videos with interesting and authentic stories are the most popular and successful there. Now it has become easier to advance in social networks: for this purpose, there's a "Promote" button in TikTok, which allows you to promote your account and video to the masses. We advise you to continue reading to find out how to generate and post your first Tik-Tok advertisement using this tool.

    How much does it cost to promote on TikTok? up/down

    The cost of advertising in TikTok starts at $10 per 1,000 viewers. The platform also has a required minimum of at least a $500 deposit for the campaign. That's why TikTok may not be suitable for those looking for a cheap promotion portal.

    When can I promote on TikTok? up/down

    You can start immediately after creating a TikTok advertising account. When your first campaign ends, it'll be useful in further promotion. By the way, TikTok uses the same promotion system as Facebook.

    How do TikTok promotions work? up/down

    It's simple: you just need to go to your profile, select "Settings" and click on the "Creator Tools" button. On the page that opens, find the "Promotion" option and go there. Next, you'll have to analyze the content in your account: go through all the videos and determine what you need to improve to promote and achieve your advertising goals.

    How to promote your Tiktok?

    You have read the description of the packages that suit any stage of the TikTok account growth. From these packages you can choose the one you feel comfortable about.

    Do you want to become the more confident TikTok artist with the limited amount of TikTok promotion?

    Or maybe you want to get all the attention with the maximum TikTok exposure as soon as possible? The choice is yours! You can also keep in mind that you can use different packages to finally choose the one you liked most.

    If you have already ordered separate products for your TikTok promotion, you already know how effective the purchased TikTok likes, views and other reactions are.

    Now you can only imagine how they work altogether in the strategy individually designed for you!

    Payment Methods
    You can pay via anything of included payment methods
    Whether you need help or just want some tips on where to start: hit up our experts anytime.